31347623_2145010919055719_2393857274339655680_n-R-1 2018 Koi and Pond Fish

2018 Koi and Pond Fish season is off to a delayed start thanks to record cold in western New York. With air temperatures reaching 50’s during the day and dipping to the 30’s at night, pond water temperatures are holding well below 60 degrees F. Remember that water temperatures should be above 60 degrees F before you add new fish to your pond. Above 60 F your fish’s immune system will function properly and the fish will properly digest its food. To prepare for the upcoming 2018 Koi and Pond Fish season, new fish will be arriving each week. May 19, 2018 Premium Butterfly Koi 4 to 6 inches https://youtu.be/FcTtQsayO_g Select 8 to 10 inch Koi May 2018 https://youtu.be/YQvwqoXj06w     Already in the store are 3-4¬† & 4-6 Select Standard Fin Koi and 3-4 & 4-6 inch Select Butterfly Koi:

Recently we also received 3 -4 & 4 -5 inch Sarasa Comet and 3-4 & 4-5 inch Shubunkin: Do not forget your Trapdoor Snails and Giant Tadpoles! We expect 6 to 8 inch Select Koi & Butterfly Koi plus a few Fancy Goldfish in the near future. Let’s hope for warmer temperatures so we can enjoy our fish and ponds! https://youtu.be/XerJMZlF5U4

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