20180420_182752-R-2 Great Savings on Plastic Pots

Great Savings on Plastic Pots

Thanks to the efforts of our UPS reps, we are excited to offer great savings on our plastic pots and UPS shipping! With a healthy UPS shipping discount, we are now able to substantially reduce our shipping costs around the USA. These discounts will be first realized with our promotion of 3 plastic pots shipped together – take advantage of 30% savings on our plastic pots!


Trio Medium Plastic Pot Trio of Large Plastic Pot Trio Bowl Lotus Pot with Decal Trio Medium Lotus Pot with Decal Here are some examples of the UPS shipping costs for our Trio of Pots

Location  3 Medium Plastic Pots  3 Bowl Lotus with Decal
New York, NY  $                                   13.25  $                                   11.61
Twinsburg , OH  $                                   13.25  $                                   11.61
Cambridge. MA  $                                   13.85  $                                   12.57
Starrs, CT  $                                     9.57  $                                      8.06
Winchester, VA  $                                   13.25  $                                   11.61
Downs, IL  $                                   17.58  $                                   16.29
Houston, TX  $                                   18.60  $                                   13.78
West Palm Beach, FL  $                                   18.60  $                                   13.78
McCormick, SC  $                                   20.54  $                                   18.07
Orangevale, CA  $                                   24.44  $                                   16.27

We have also seen very favorable shipping rates for our Porcelain Lamps, Porcelain Bowl Lotus Pots and Small Porcelain Pots. We recently shipped a Chinese Lotus Pot and Stand to Connecticut via UPS and the combined shipping cost was  $39.00 received_2140876762802468-198x300 Great Savings on Plastic Pots Chinese Lotus Pot and Stand LASTLY, DO Not Forget the Lotus!

Apricots-Yellow-5-1 Great Savings on Plastic Pots
Apricot’s Yellow Lotus

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