41410639_2259922284231248_2311119668594606080_o-R-e1547011251515 Lotus Greenhouse

The lotus greenhouse at Bergen Water Gardens is complete: September 2018. Construction was started in October of 2017 but we were not able to finish the lotus greenhouse before the onset of winter.While the design of this house is simple, the driving of the 52 posts, by hand, provided a substantial challenge. Indeed, there are too many rocks at Bergen Water Gardens. The lotus greenhouse spans 27 by 100 feet. The sides roll up partially to allow for cooling and ample airflow. We can easily fit over 1,000 pots of lotus in this house. It will provide an ideal location for winter housing and early spring lotus tuber starts. Larry and Lili are enthusiastic and grateful for our new lotus greenhouse and the continued expansion of Lotus Paradise at Bergen Water Gardens! Thank you for your continued support and purchases of lotus tubers in 2018. 2019 promises to be an exciting year, filled with many surprises and many new lotus to fill your gardens! A special thank you to our friends and employees who helped during the last year. Lotus Flowers of our Lotus Greenhouse:

Construction 2018: Construction 2017:

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