20160820_103642-T Lotus Display Ponds

Bergen Water Gardens has just completed constructing our first 9 lotus display ponds. Each pond will be home to one lotus variety. The ponds measure 5 feet by 5 feet and hold about 18 inches of soil. Approximately 12 inches of water covers the soil. The ponds are along Buffalo road to help display these beautiful flowers. In the future look for additional ponds to create a “Lotus Walk” at Bergen Water Gardens. Yes we have room for 100+ lotus display ponds! Most of the varieties include featured cultivars from China.

Look for: Autumn in Moling,       Charming Lips,       Emilia,    Chinese Red Rujin,     Deepest Love in Five Miles,    Magnificent,    Space 36,   Handsome Hero    Big Versicolor ,    August 20, 2016 Update: The summer of 2016 has been exceptionally hot, therefore facilitating exceptional growth in our display lotus ponds. Buds are appearing in every pond and we expect lotus flowers well into in the month on September.

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