Qian- Shuimei Lotus – Excellent blooming( All ship in spring 2025)

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Qian- Shuimei Lotus is white color with purple tips micro lotus, and we plant it at the 7-8 inches pot, the flower grow higher than the leaves, also it bloom pretty good even we grow in very small container. We love this micro lotus, because the purple tips make the whole flower look lovely and pretty.  We are excited to offer it for the new micro lotus for 2024!!!!

How to fertilize micro lotus: Putting 1/4 of pondtabbs for 6 inch pot when the plant get first standing leave or 4 floating leaves,  Putting 1 table of pondtabbs for 10 inch bowl when the plant get first standing leave or 4 floating leave,  Do the same thing in each 10-15 days, please don’t over fertilize, because it is tiny pot, otherwise it will kill the plant.

How to maintain micro lotus during growing season: keeping enough water in the pot, watering them twice or three times a day, cleaning algae from the pot from time to time, so the plant would grow well.

How to maintain micro lotus during winter time: keeping the whole pot with water inside your house, and temperature will be around 55-60. And repot the plant when the temperature is around 65-70 in spring.

Micro Lotus is not indoor plant, they need full sun during growing season. PLEASE DON’T GROW MICRO LOTUS INDOOR!

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Nelumbo ‘Qian- Shuimei  ’
Color: Pink
Size: Micro
Leaf Height: 8 to 10 inches
Flower Type: Single Petal Flower
Flower Diameter: 2 -3 inches
Flower Height: 8 – 11 inches
Flowering Period:  2 months