Chinese Red Ruijin Lotus


Chinese Red Ruijin Lotus is a spectacular, double petal, red lotus. The center of the flower is bright yellow. Chinese Red Ruijin is the fifth lotus of the Chinese Red series by Ding Yuesheng of Nanjing Yilian Garden. Ruijin is a mountainous city which was the home to the early Communist movement in China and the start of the Long March.

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Nelumbo  ‘Chinese Red Ruijin ’
Nelumbo  ‘Zhong Guo Hong – Ruijin’ 中国红-瑞金
Color:    Red
Flower Size :
Leaf Height: 25.5 to 31.5 inches (65 to 80 cm)
Flower Type: Double Petal
Flower Diameter: 6.1 to 9 inches (16 to 23 cm)
Flower Height:
Flowering Period:
Hybridizer: Ding Yuesheng, Nanjing Yilian Garden
Maternal Parent:

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