Drunken Hibiscus Lotus – One of Fabulous Versicolor( All Ship in Spring)


Drunken Hibiscus Lotus is a beautiful versicolor lotus that shines with hues of pink, white and yellow. Flowers are produced above the leaves. So far we have planted this is our standard 17″ pot but in 2022 we will grow it in smaller bowl lotus pots.Drunken Hibiscus has proven to be a reliable and prolific  bloomer.

Our secret weapon for blooming is using Pondtabbs 60 tablets

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Nelumbo ‘Drunken Hibiscus  ’
Color:  Versicolor
Size: Medium
Leaf Height: 22 inches
Flower Type: Multi Petal Flower
Flower Diameter: 8 inches
Flower Height: 24 inches
Flowering Period: starts early in the season for 2 months

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