New Flame Lotus – One of Deepest Red Lotus! All ship in spring

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N. ‘New Flame Lotus ‘ lotus is a doable flower, deep red lotus. The leaves are green and up to 23 inches in diameter. New Flame Lotus is best potted in a large container and fertilized every 3 weeks during the growing season. It is one of deep red lotus at lotus paradise!

We plant our lotus in the pot, but not in the pond!!!! So everyone would grow up lotus in your backyard!

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Nelumbo ‘New Flame’
Color: Red
Size: Large
Leaf Height: 39 inches (100 cm)
Flower Type: Double Flower
Flower Diameter: 8 inches (21 cm)
Flower Height: 23.5 inches (60 cm)
Flowering Period:
Maternal Parent:
Comments: New Flame Lotus is deep red and excellent blooming lotus with a double flower. This is one of deepest red lotus available.

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