31-Gold &Jade Peony Lotus- Best Double Green Lotus! ( All ship in spring 2024)


N. Gold &Jade Peony Lotus is the other GREEN lotus at lotus paradise, it is double petal and excellent blooming. The flower look like peony with it open up. It is very unique lotus. and the last picture of flower that we grow in our pond, then you can see the flower will grow much bigger , So you can plant it in the bigger pot, you will get bigger flower!!! It is really fabulous flower with large seed pod!!!

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Nelumbo’Gold &Jade Peony ‘
Color:  Green
Size: Medium
Leaf Height: 24 inches
Flower Type: Double Flower
Flower Diameter: 8 inches
Flower Height: 20 inches
Flowering Period: starts early in the season for 2 months

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