19-Colorful Clouds Lotus – Taking Your Breath Away Lotus (All Ship in Spring)


Colorful Clouds Lotus is one of new varieties  in 2020 which is LARGE FLOWER WITH THE WIDE AND AROUND PETALS lotus, and it show up the deep purple tips on the top of the petals, this flower absolutely take you breath away , you will not disappointed by this amazing lotus flower!!! The flower is more taller than the leaves, Also it is one of excellent blooming lotus at Bergen Water Gardens. So we are so glad to introduce this awesome lotus from Lotus Paradise!!!


Our secret weapon for blooming is to use Pondtabbs Plus Humates

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Nelumbo ‘Colorful Clouds  ”
Color: Versicolor
Flower Size: Medium – Large

Leaf Height: 37.40 to 39.76 inches (95-101 cm)
Flower Type: Single Petals
Flower Diameter: 9 to 9.84 inches (23-25 cm)
Flower Height: 50.39 to 58.27 inches(128-148 cm)
Flowering Period: Early in June , blooming lasts around 70 days.

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