Wuttipanara Manoonya


Wuttipanara Manoonya are good size, blooming sized plants. They are currently in small baskets but could also be potted in pots , with a good draining orchid mix.

November 2023 we received a new shipment of this magnificent hybrid. This is one of our favorite hybrids with a wonderful fragrance.

Plants are not currently in spike or bloom.

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Wuttipanara Manoonya

Vandopsis gigantea – Rhy. gigantea red x gigantea

Type: Epiphyte orchid

Fragrant: Yes

Grow: in hanging plastic pots or wooden baskets. If potted, make sure orchid bark media drains well.

Temperature range: Intermediate to warm

Light level: Medium to high

Comments: One of our favorite orchids when in bloom