Dendrobium apphyllum


Dendrobium apphyllum (pierardii0) is a beautiful spring blooming orchid. During the growing season from late Spring through late fall this orchid love a bright, warm environment. By late November it needs very little water and no fertilizing. Expect the leaves on it’s long hanging cane to drop off. If conditions are right, the flower buds will open in mid spring. Flowers are light lavender, with a creme colored lip, plus a pleasant fragrance!

These are extra large plants , mounted on a plastic slab.

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Dendrobium apphyllum

Type: Epiphyte orchid

Grow: Due to the hanging growth nature of this orchid, plants are grown on cork bark or similar mounts. The stems will then freely arch downwards.

Temperature range: Intermediate to warm, with cool nights during the winter resting period ( 50 F)

Light level: Medium to high but filtered.

Comments: These are spring blooming orchids and need a drier period during the winter before blooming.