Pink Apricot Lotus – The Tallest Pink Lotus at Bergen All Ship in Spring 2024


N. Pink Apricot Lotus is a beautiful pink single petal lotus. It’s petals are exceptionally long and have yellow at their base.  Pink Apricot lotus is large plant and an excellent addition to your pond. Flower can stand 62 to 70 inches tall. This lotus is an excellent bloomer and grows exceptionally well in a container on your patio or deck as well.

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Nelumbo ‘Pink Apricot’’
Color: Pink
Size: Large
Leaf Height: 48 to 52 inches (132 – 132 cm)
Flower Type: Single Flower
Flower Diameter: 7.87 to 9.05 inches (20-23cm)
Flower Height: 62 to 70 inches (157-178 cm)
Flowering Period: Starts early in the season and blooms for 2 months
Comments: one of our tallest lotus

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