Dimorphorchis lowii


Dimorphorchis lowii is a spectacular and rare orchid from Borneo. It main feature is there are 2 different flower colors on the same flower spike. The first few flowers are yellow with red dots and are strongly fragrant. The remaining flowers are pale yellow with lager, more blotchy, red spots and not fragrant. On a mature plant the hanging flowers spikes can be 9 feet long! Grow in bright light but not direct sunlight. About 80% humidity, with good airflow. Temperatures can range 70 – 86 F. Plants are blooming size but are NOT currently in bloom or spike.

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Dimorphorchis lowii

Type: Epiphyte orchid

Flower Color: First 2 flowers are yellow with red/purple spots. The remaining flowers have large dark red blotches on a creamy base.

Fragrant: Yes – First 2 flowers

Grow:  Pot with larger bark and large perlite for drainage

Temperature range: Warm, 70 F and higher

Light level: Medium to high light

Water: Allow to slightly dry out between waterings

Comments: Rare & Amazing specimen for your collection