Dendrobium lindleyi yellow


Dendrobium lindleyi yellow ( Dendrobium aggregatum) is found from India through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and southern China. It’s cascading bright yellow flowers appear in the spring. To trigger blooming, the orchid must experience cool nights, 50 to 60 F, and dry conditions. Do not fertilize during this time either. Dendrobium lindleyi holds its leaves unlike some of its relatives.


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Dendrobium lindleyi yellow

Type: Epiphyte orchid

Grow: Often mounted on cork bark or tree fern slabs for the best display. they can also be grown in pots with a good draining orchid media.

Temperature range: Intermediate to warm, with cool nights during the winter resting period ( 50 F)

Light level: Medium to high

Comments: these are spring blooming orchids but need a drier period during the winter.