Beijing 2018 Lotus – Tall with Deepest Red Lotus( All ship in spring 2025)

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One of Deepest Red Lotus

Beijing 2018 Lotus is double with deep red lotus which is new for 2024!  We do love red color lotus, we got a lot deep red lotus varieties in our 110 lotus display ponds at our nursery. We should say that it will be around 1/3 of our lotus ponds grow red color lotus.  Red color lotus always show up pretty well, and Beijing 2018 lotus will be one of the best deep red lotus in our display pond. It will produce red stamen with  big leaves and huge flower much taller than the leaves, also this variety will bloom until mid of September in NY.  We do love to make banquet from the buds, because it is double petals, then flower will last longer!!!!  We will recommend that it will be better to grow in 20×18 inches pot, the bigger the better!!!! You would have huge flower!

Hopefully you would enjoy it as well!!!!



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Nelumbo ‘ Beijing 2018      ‘
Color:  Deep Red
Flower Size:
Large to Huge
Leaf Height: 37.40 to 39.76 inches (95-101 cm)
Flower Type: Double  petal
Flower Diameter: 9 to 9.84 inches (23-25 cm)
Flower Height: 50.39 to 58.27 inches(128-148 cm)
Flowering Period: Early in June , blooming lasts around 70 days.
Maternal Parent:

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