Qi Pa Lotus – Wired Lotus(1000 Petals Lotus), why? ( New for 2024)


Wired Lotus:)

Qi Pa Lotus is new for 2024, but we are so happy to introduce this thousand petals lotus to you, because the first day flower will like the normal lotus flower, big petals outside with some nice small petals inside, look very beautiful, but it will change when it fully open, then you will see the totally different flower shape, soft pink with a lot petals together, look like big pink ball ! So you can see that lotus will give your surprise as well:) We love to cut the bud as banquet, the buds will last 5-6 days.

Hopefully you would enjoy it as well!!!!



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Nelumbo ‘ Qi Pa     ‘
Color:  Pink
Flower Size:
Large to Huge
Leaf Height: 37.40 to 39.76 inches (95-101 cm)
Flower Type: Double  petal
Flower Diameter: 9 to 9.84 inches (23-25 cm)
Flower Height: 50.39 to 58.27 inches(128-148 cm)
Flowering Period: Early in June , blooming lasts around 70 days.
Maternal Parent:

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