New Carnivorous Plants – June 2012

Whether in a pot or in a bog carnivorous plants always attract a lot of attention. It is best to grow these plants in a 50 to 50 mixture of sand and peat. Most of these newly arrived pitcher plants are varieties of Sarracenia leucophylla – The White Trumpet. These pitchers come from the Southern United States and can grow to 30 inches in height. They must be brought in for the cold New York winters. About February expect large red flowers.

S. leucoophylla








S. leucoophylla top view of hood








S. 'White Sparkler'










S. leucophylla 'Titan'












S. 'Red Sumatra'










S. 'Bubba's Sister










S. flava var rubricorpora










S. flava var rubricorpora top view


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