174-R2 Victoria Waterlilies

Victoria waterlilies originate in South America and are the ultimate waterlily to grow in your pond if it is large enough. Victorias can produce leaves up to 8 feet in diameter and have numerous sharp spines on the underside. Vics are night blooming plants which produce flowers up to 16 inches in diameter and the soft scent of pineapple. They are heavy feeders and do take some care to grow them properly. In Western New York our growing season is limited but we have had pads up to 46 inches in diameter.

Victoria cruziana: This species is from Paraguay and is easier to grow in Northern climates as it can handle colder temperatures better. Cruziana also has a much higher rim on its leaves: 5 to 8 inches.

Victoria ‘Longwood Hybrid’: Longwood Hybrid was a cross perfected by Patrick Nutt at Longwood Gardens in 1960. This is primary cross between V. cruziana and V. amazonica. It has superior hybrid vigor compared to its parents. It is able to withstand lower water and air temperatures, it flowers earlier and produces more flowers. Its size also permits it to withstand higher winds better. White flowers which turn pink.