Goldfish have been raised in containers and ponds for thousands of years in Asia. Mutations have been established that create unusual features:

  • Telescope Eyes –  enlarged eyes that appear to pop out from the body
  • Bubble Eyes – fluid filled sacs under the eyes
  • Orandas – a textured growth that cover the head and often the gill plates
  • Ranchus – Growths on the head, curve in its back, along with the dorsal fin absent
  • Ryukins – Enlarged, swollen body with long fins. Should have a humped/high back
  • Fantails – Long fins, slimmer body and no head growth

Fancy goldfish are best kept by themselves or with single tail varieties. Koi are not a good combination with fancy goldfish.Due to the odd shapes and slower swimming speeds , fancy goldfish are more easily preyed upon in the pond. It is best to bring them in for the Northern winters.