Trio Medium Lotus Pot with Decal


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Our Medium Lotus Pot with decal is ideal for potting your Bowl Lotus. It’s size allows for easy maintenance and excellent growth. The pot is made of a plastic which is strong and durable. The white decal adds an authentic Chinese touch.  The decal consists of a Chinese painting and a Chinese poem about lotus. This pot is perfect to display your lotus on your patio or deck. The medium pot will fit into our large porcelain pot.

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Medium Lotus Pot with Decal

  1. Size: 16 inches x 16 inches x 9 inches
  2. Color: Red
  3. Material: Plastic
  4. Volume: 3.0 gallons
  5. Solid pot; no holes

The painting:

Chinese regard the magpie as a good luck symbol, joy, marital bliss, and long lasting fortune.

The lotus flower arises from mud and is a symbol of perfection and purity.

Translation of the poem on the side of the pot:

A piece of  Autumn Cloud with the sunset.

Enjoy the lotus leaf more than the lotus flower.

Sleeping nearby the lake without closing the door.

You will smell the lotus day and night

20180101_200851-R Trio Medium Lotus Pot with Decal

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