Pink Brocade Lotus( Xin Yun Jin)- Winner!!


Pink Brocade Lotus( Xin Yun Jin) is a large double, petal versicolor lotus. The flowers are reddish purple on the tips with strong fragrance, looking more pink in the center and light yellow at the base. Pink Brocade Lotus is a good blooming lotus with a blooming season of almost 2 months. Ideal lotus for the pond or pot. It is one of our favorite large plant at lotus paradise, don’t miss it!!!

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Nelumbo ‘Pink Brocade Lotus ’
Color:  Versicolor 
flower Size :
Leaf Height:
Flower Type: Double Petal
Flower Diameter:  6.1 to 9 inches (16 to 23 cm)
Flower Height:  34.6 to 37.0 inches (88 to 94 cm)
Flowering Period:

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