Nymphaea William McLane


N. ‘William Mclane’ is a beautiful waterlily which produces blue to purple blossoms. It’s foliage is lush green and heavily mottled with reddish purple. At maturity, the flower itself is large and has up to 48 petals. The flower will take on more purple tones as the temperature decreases.  William McLane is a medium size waterlily which blooms early in the season and one of the last to stop blooming. Winner of the 1st Banksian Metal issued by the Royal Horticultural Society at the competition held at Denver Botanical Gardens in 1997. This waterlily was created by Florida Aquatic Nurseries in 1997 and named for the company’s founder Dr. William McLane. This is usually one of the first waterlilies to sell out each year at Bergen Water Gardens.

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