Love of Rain Flower ( Edible Seed Lotus) – Gorgeous flower and delicious:)


Love of Rain Flower Lotus : is huge pink, double lotus with slender petals. Flowers stand high above the leaves. Excellent flowering lotus which has a long blooming season. and it will get some nice lotus seeds. Love of Rain Flower Lotus  is a superior variety of lotus to produce edible seeds.

You can learn from our picture that this variety produce a lot flower and seed, you can just peel off the green skin when the seed only get light green color, then you can eat the seed directly, or you can boil seed when seed turn to brown color. In China, eating lotus seed in summer time, it will help your digestion, and clean up some dirty thing from your body. Also during autumn, Cantonese will use lotus seed to make famous moon cake for Mid Autumn Festival. It is very delicious cake!



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Nelumbo ‘Love of Rain Flower ’
Color:  Pink
Flower Size:
Large to Huge
Leaf Height: 37.40 to 39.76 inches (95-101 cm)
Flower Type: Double petal
Flower Diameter: 9 to 9.84 inches (23-25 cm)
Flower Height: 50.39 to 58.27 inches(128-148 cm)
Flowering Period: Early in June , blooming lasts around 70 days.
Maternal Parent:

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