44-Tradintional Thousand Petals Lotus – All ship in spring 2024


Thousand Petals Lotus   is a very large pink color lotus, and the flower always two seed pot in one stem. So it will create thousand petal in a flower with a large plant. The flower is deferentially different from the regular lotus. I think that it is the other special lotus in your pond lotus and your backyard.

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Nelumbo ‘Thousand Petals”
Color: Pink
Size: Large
Leaf Height: 21.25 inches (54 cm)
Flower Type: Double Flower (71 – 133 Petals)
Flower Diameter: 7 inches (18 cm)
Flower Height: 21.9 inches (53 cm)
Flowering Period: Starts early in the season and blooms for 2 months

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