25-White Lady Lotus – LARGE white color flower and shipping in spring 2024


White Lady Lotus : is huge white with pink tips , single  petals. Flowers stand high above the leaves. Excellent flowering lotus which has a long blooming season. and the flower is HUGE white color with pink tips, we love this single white color flower, Don’t miss it!!!



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Nelumbo ‘White Lady Lotus’
Color:  White
Flower Size:
Large to Huge
Leaf Height: 37.40 to 39.76 inches (95-101 cm)
Flower Type: Single  petal
Flower Diameter: 9 to 9.84 inches (23-25 cm)
Flower Height: 50.39 to 58.27 inches(128-148 cm)
Flowering Period: Early in June , blooming lasts around 70 days.
Maternal Parent:

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