4 thoughts on “N. ‘Clyde Ikins’ Bergen Water Gardens

  1. I know very little about water plants, however, I am interested in this wate lily, I will need to know how to grow it, fertilize it and other general care. I have a small Koi pond, about 3 feet deep- 6 feet wide. Would this grow in a container beneath the water? also, I live in Nebraska, I put a Stock Tank Warmer in the winter….could the Waterlilly survive the winter or would I need to move it inside. Any help you could give me would be appreciated. I also need to know the price.
    Thank you. (Clyde Ikins Waterlilly)

    • Peggy Clyde Ikins is a larger growing, hardy, Peach waterlily. Normally I would pot it in a 10 to 14 inch pot with heavy top soil. I usually use an aquatic fertilizer every 3 weeks April till Labor day in NY. Normally I would grow this about 18 inches below the surface of the water and drop it to the bottom for the winter. Be cautious as your koi may eat the waterlily or dig in the mud found in the pot. Koi behavior can vary greatly with plants. Overall waterlilies are easy to grow just pinch off old pads and flowers. We can ship $25 for the Lily and $10 flat rate shipping.

  2. I’m interested in the n. Clyde Ikins I live n nh . I believe it can survive the winter . But would be greatly appreciated for the instructions on growing this beautiful flower How much . Do you have lotus’s that can survive the winter months in nh or would they have to be winterized in the home n how to do that .paiteintly waiting to hear from you . Miss williams

    • YEs Clyde Ikins should be winter hardy in NH if deep enough:24 inches plus. To ship Clyde Ikins would be $25 plus $10 flat rate. All the lotus we sell except for one are winter hardy but the tubers must not freeze solid. Therefore they must be deep enough or store the pot in a cool basement but kept wet.

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