Water Pumps move pond water from your pond to your filter, waterfall or stream. At Bergen Water Gardens we sell energy efficient water pumps from 80 gallons per hour (gph) to 6,000 gph.We are currently offering:

maxflo_2000 Water Pumps

Laguna Maxi Flo pumps

Max-Flo pumps are designed to provide continuous and reliable water circulation. They are ideally suited for a variety of pond applications, such as providing water flow to filtration systems and creating spectacular waterfalls. Made in Italy the pumps are powered by a magnetic-driven motor that’s unrivaled in the market for generating large amounts of water flow at extremely low energy costs. These water pumps can pass solids up to 10 mm to your filter.

600 gph, 960 gph, 1350 gph, 2000 gph, 2400 gph, 2900 gph and 4280 gph

Danner/Supreme Water Pumps

300 gph, 500 gph, 700 gph, 950 gph, 1200 gph, 1800 gph, 2400 gph

Pondmaster-300 Water Pumps