IMG_2261-r Variegated Lotus

Bergen Water Gardens is thrilled to introduce a horticulture first, the first stable variegated lotus:  Nelumbo ‘Gold Splash Hibiscus’ Sǎ jīn fúróng. This exciting plant appeared growing in a group of stock Lanceolate Pink lotus. The unique lotus caught the eye of a premier lotus grower in Guangdong Province, China. He isolated it and has grown it since 2016. The variegation has remained stable in the leaves during this time. The beautiful leaf pattern is passed along to its progeny via tuber but not by seed. The variegation is displayed both as light accents and much darker blotches on the leaves. The buds also take on a unique appearance, showing a form of variegation. Nelumbo ‘Gold Splash Hibiscus’ produces a beautiful pink double flower, about 5 inches in diameter. It’s shape and appearance is reminiscent of the hibiscus, a favorite Chinese flower. It’s green leaves , splashed with gold, grows to about 19 to 24 inches high and 10 inches in diameter. Gold Splash Hibiscus is a vigorous grower and an active bloomer. Bergen Water Gardens has a limited number of Gold Splash Hibiscus tubers available in 2019. Please contact Lili at [email protected]

Nelumbo ‘Gold Splash Hibiscus’ Flower & Bud

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