N. ‘Alexis’: Alexis produces large purple/blue flowers held high above green leaves. The numerous petaloid stamens produce a sea anemone like appearance to the flower. The is a large plant and a vigorous grower. Hybridized by Stuart Schuck of Maryland Aquatic Nurseries.

N. ‘Director George T. Moore’: Deep violet -blue blooms. Smaller green pads flecked with purple. Good fragrance. Medium size plant.

N. ‘Foxfire’: Blue flower with pink petaloids – 8 to 9 inches in diameter. Leaves are maroon with green mottling and may get as large as 19 inches. The waterlily overall may have a 10 feet spread. Developed by Craig Presnell in 2003. 2004 IWGS Best New Waterlily of the year and Best New Tropical

N. ‘Islamorada’: Unique purple flowers speckled with white. giving the petal a polk-a-dot appearance. Leaves are green. Medium size plant.

N. ‘King of Siam’: Developed in Thailand, the waterlily features deep violet blooms.. The flower appears very full as the stamens have modified themselves into petals creating flowers that appear to have more than 100 metals. Dark green pads are flecked with brown, Medium size plant

N. ‘Lindsey Woods’: The sepals on Lindsey Woods are jet black. The flower is purple, streaked with darker purple. The leaves are green but the undersides are dark purple to black. A medium size plant.

N. ‘Midnight’: Deep violet-blue blooms. Flower is star shaped and then full. Bright green leaves. slight fragrance. Medium size plant.

N. ‘Plume Crazy’: Spectacular new purple hybrid released in 2015. The flower will have over 100 petals and will not burn in the hot sun. Plum Crazy is an excellent bloomer. The pads are green striped with maroon and compact at 4 to 6 feet spread.

N. ‘Purple Zanzibar’: Purple day blooming waterlily which is free flowering. Purple Zanzibar has green pads and is medium in size.

N. ‘ Rhonda Kay’: One of the star varieties of tropical waterlilies, they are known for holding their flowers high above the water and having many flowers open at once. Additionally, Nymphaea ‘Rhonda Kay’ is one of the first waterlilies to open in the morning.

N. ‘Tanzanite’: Deep purple flowers with up to 50 petals. Leaves are mottled up to 50% of its surface.

N .’Tina’: Deep violet-purple blooms. Flower shape is cup like. Light green leaves. Free flowering with a nice fragrance. Viviparous. Great tropical for container gardens on the patio or deck! Medium in size but compact.

N. ‘Ultra Violet’: Bright purple flower with up to 70 petals sit above red pads. The purple flowers have a bright yellow center which adds to the “show” by this spectacular waterlily. This is a medium to large plant.

N. ‘William Mclane’: Winner of the 1st Banksian Metal issued by the Royal Horticultural Society at the competition held at Denver Botanical Gardens in 1997. Beautiful full purple blossoms and lush green foliage, heavily mottled with reddish purple. Medium size plant. This is usually one of the first to sell out each year at Bergen Water Gardens.


N. Charlie’s Pride: From Charles Winch in Australia comes a spectacular red waterlily with over 50 petals. The center is bright yellow. The pads are green with light red flecks. This is a medium size plant.

N. Bull’s Eye: At present Bull’s Eye is the darkest red waterlily on the market. When the plant is mature, the flowers can have have up to 70 petals. The leaves green. It is a compact grower and a good bloomer. this is a medium to large plant.

N. ‘Scarlet Flame’: Scarlet Flame is an outstanding brilliant red waterlily with numerous petals. The flower holds up well in the hot sin. The pads are green and this is compact grower.Scarlet Flame will not be available in 2015

N. ‘Tropic Punch’: Tropic Punch produces large red flowers with over 130 petals. This medium size plant has  beautiful striped pads and is a compact grower. This was released in 2014 and sold out quickly in 2014. This was the 2012 Best New Waterlily in the both the WWALA and IWGS competition.


N. ‘Innocence’: Pure white flower stands high above the water. The pads are beautifully mottled with heavy maroon blotches on a green background. Innocence is strongly viviparous and a good bloomer. It is a medium to large plant. Aa the cooler fall temperatures arrive, expect to see the flowers tipped in purple.

N. ‘Josephine’: A small, compact grower Josephine is a good choice for container gardens. It has a pure white flower with green leaves. It is viviparous.

N. ‘Rhapsody in White’: This is a member of the star waterlily group created by Ken Landon. Rhapsody in White features large white flowers held high above chocolate  pads, providing a wonderful contrast. Like all star waterlilies, Rhapsody in White features multiple flowers open on the same day.


N. ‘Carla’s Sonshine’: Deep yellow flowers held above heavily mottled leaves. It is one of the few yellow tropical waterlilies which is viviparous and grows in a compact form. Sonshine is the correct spelling as the plant was named by Carla Wittstock for her 2 sons.

N. ‘Key Lime’: Key Lime features heavily mottled pads with a large, yellow flowers held high above the water.It is named after a favorite Florida fruit used in pies and cocktails.

N. ‘St. Louis Gold’: ‘St. Louis Gold’ features deep yellow star-shaped flowers. Olive green pads are marked with maroon. St. Lois Gold’ also tolerates partial shade. This is a medium size plant.

N. ‘Stan Skinger’: Nymphaea ‘Stan Skinger’ is unique because of it’s flower color and it’s pads. The flower is yellow when the plant is young but at maturity the color turns to an orange, similar to golden west. The pads are heavily mottled with maroon streaks on a green background. Medium size plant.