image13-C Tamasaba Goldfish

New for 2021, Bergen Water Gardens is excited to offer  a limited number of Tamasaba Goldfish from Japan. Tamasaba or Sabao are a single tailed variety goldfish with a long, flowing tailfin. They are normally red or red and white in color. It is uncommon to see other color variations of Tamasaba. They have a high, arched back with a large, round belly shape similar to a Ryukin.  Maximum size for these goldfish is up to 10 inches in length. We expect these Tamasaba goldfish to be strong and suitable to over winter. Their origin is believed to be in Yamagata Prefecture in northern Japan and therefore to be exceptionally cold hardy. This goldfish is sometimes referred to as Yamagata Goldfish. These imports are produced by goldfish/koi farmers in the Niigata region. Tamasaba are often kept in ponds with koi and are fed the same diet. Their single tail enables them to move quickly so they may compete for food. Selecting a Tamasaba goldfish is much like choosing a kohaku koi. Look for a strong red color against a pure white base. Distinctive stepping is preferred but an attractive pattern, with balance and symmetry, is also prized. Unfortunately these goldfish are available only at Bergen Water Gardens and we can not ship them at this time. As of April 2021, their retail price is $150 each, at about 2 inches in length.

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