With an outdoor pond, there is always a chance of a predator stalking and possibly consuming your pond fish. The pond might be visited by the neighborhood cat, raccoon, mink or great Blue Heron.
The following products will help:

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Laguna Pond Netting

Available in 15′ x 12′, 15′ x 20′ and 20′ x 30′

Motion Activated Scarecrow

This motion activated sprayer will shoot a 3 second burst of water at any intruder who ventures near your pond. Easily attaches to your garden hose and responds to ANY motion in its detection field both day and night.

Scarecrow-Automated-05.25.11-102x300 Predator Deterrents
Laguan-Heron-131x300 Predator Deterrents

Blue Heron Decoy

Assists in deterring visits from herons as they are territorial birds and are reluctant to visit another “heron’s pond”