EPDM-roll-2 Pond Liner

Bergen Water Gardens has a complete inventory of 45 ml EPDM rubber for your pond construction projects this summer. For your water garden  we stock the following pond liner: 8′ x10′;  10′ x 10′; 10 x 15′; 15′ x 15′ stack-angle1-2 Pond Liner For larger ponds and koi ponds we stock the Mini Rolls: 15′ x 20′, 15′ x 25′; 20 x 20′; 20′ x 25′; 20′ x 30′; 25′ x 30; 30′ x 30′ EPDM-roll-1 Pond LinerLarger Sizes are available by special requests.

PondKing Pond Liner is:

  • A ‘fish friendly’ liner that is not harmful to the environment.
  • Incredible resistance to ultraviolet radiation (and other harmful environmental conditions) and waterline-weathering.
  • Excellent expansion and contraction capabilities which help prevent punctures by allowing easy adaptation to roots, rocks and other subgrade objects.
  • Ultra flexibility to more easily form to, and, fit unusual contours caused by unique subgrade conditions or associated with creatively-driven pond design.
  • High flexibility ‘holding power’ to allow year-round installation (or repair, if ever needed), even in extreme temperatures from -40° Fahrenheit to 175° Fahrenheit.
  • Little-to-no maintenance following complete and proper installation.A  20-year membrane warranty

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