IMG_2340-R-2 Perry Garden Club at Lotus Paradise

Bergen Water Garden was thrilled to host a meeting of the Perry Garden Club at Lotus Paradise. About 15 members of the Perry Garden Club toured the lotus beds and greenhouses for about 2 hours. Highlights included the micro lotus display,  a bed of N. Magnificent lotus, peppered with baby tree frogs and our greenhouse 5 filled with blooming lotus. The club members also enjoyed our Nepenthes collection, tropical waterlilies and the huge, tropical N. Super lotus. It was perfect day, with a cool breeze and partly cloudy skies. the ladies had never seen lotus flowers before and some are returning for lotus pizza during LotusFest in 10 days. Late July and August are a perfect time to explore Bergen Water Gardens and the amazing lotus which make up Lotus Paradise! If your garden club would like to visit in the future just contact us at bergenwaterg@ or call the store at 585-293-2860.  

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