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Packing Lotus Tubers

Packing lotus tubers for our 2018 shipment is now complete. The crew in China has washed, sanitized and packed several thousand lotus tubers for us. The lotus tubers are currently at air freight terminal in Guangzhou China waiting for the... Read More

Water Features at Gardenscape 2018

Water in the garden can take the shape of many forms. It may be a stream, a small pond or a disappearing waterfall. The water features at Gardenscape 2018 were small, simple and affordable. A few were not practical, others... Read More

Edible Lotus

Lotus is a staple food throughout China, Southeast Asia and India. Lotus leaves, stems, tubers, seeds and flowers are all relished. When asking for edible lotus, the focus is on the lotus tuber. A lotus tuber is the primary growth... Read More
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