N.-Juno-Bergen-Water-Gardens-1 Night Blooming Waterlilies

Night blooming waterlilies are a great addition to any medium to large pond. They first openat dusk and close about 9:00 am the next morning. They have a large leaf spread, with a very strong serration on the leaf outer edge. The water temperature should be at least 75 degrees F. before they are placed in the pond.

At Bergen Water Gardens we offer the following:


N. ‘Emily Grant Hutchings’: Emily Grant Hutchings produces dark pink flowers in the early evening which stay open until 9:00 am. The leaves are bronzy green and can get 10 to 12 inches in diameter. This variety starts to bloom early in the season compared to other night bloomers. Its is possible to restrict its growth by planting in a 10 inch pot.

N. ‘Texas Shell Pink’: The petals blend from white to a soft reddish-purple on the end. Leaves are dark yellowish green. Texas Shell Pink is a good bloomer and and large plant.


N. ‘Antares’: Antares is the most vigorous growers of all the red night bloomers. The petals are a dark rosy red and the flowers can range from 6 to 10 inches. The leaves are green. This is a medium to large plant.

N. ‘Red Cup’: Dark red flower with bronzy brown leaves with a purple underside. Free flowering. Medium to large plant.

N. ‘Red Flare’: Deep red flowers with reddish-brown leaves. Blooms are help 12 inches above the water and Red Flare is very free flowering. Medium size plant.


N. ‘Juno’: N. ‘Juno is a medium to large night blooming waterlily. It produces multiple white flower which open in the early evening. The hybridizer is not know but it was hybridized in 1906.

N. ‘Wood’s White Knight’: White Petals with yellow anthers. Flower size is 10 to 12 inches. The pads are green and the spread can be 8 – 10 ft. Large size plant.