IMAG3619-Thumb New Display Pond at Bergen Water Gardens Sept. 2014

Bergen Water Gardens is excited to showcase a new display pond designed and built by Tom Warmerdam of Acorn Ponds and Waterfall. Tom has provided us with a superb pond which is highlighted by a naturalistic waterfall. Filtration is accomplished by a skimmer and an Atlantic Water Gardens waterfall system, powered by a 2,400 gph asynchronous water pump. This pond also features a fish cave for added security for your aquatic friends. Tom installs ponds, disappearing waterfalls¬† and smaller water features for the home and office. Visit Acorn Ponds and Waterfall if you would like Tom to give you a quote. At Bergen Water Gardens, we offer all the materials, except for the rocks, for the ‘do it yourselfer’ if you wish to build your own pond or water feature. We stock 45 ml liner, skimmers, waterfall filters, water pumps, underwater lighting and much more!¬† Bergen Water Gardens also offers a complete selection of aquatic plants and fish to complete your pond project. IMAG3619-R New Display Pond at Bergen Water Gardens Sept. 2014  


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