20150811_120101-Th Lotus Flowers at Peak - August 2015

This year we have the BEST selection of lotus ever at Bergen Water Gardens. Mid August is peak bloom time for these exceptional lotus from China. Stop by and view this collide-scope of vibrant color! Here are the lotus flowers thus far. Most plants are still producing buds. Many of these varieties will be available as tubers starting in January of 2016. 18 Little Red Lotus – our only tropical lotus offered for 2015 – this is NOT winter hardy

Autumn in Moling Lotus –  one of the best lotus from China Bright Sky Lotus – Exception Single Red Lotus Butterfly Love Lotus – Outstanding color change in this small lotus Chu Lady Lotus – Classic bowl lotus of white and pink Elegant Woman Lotus – Multitude of Double Pink Flowers Emilia Lotus – From the USA – Beautiful blend of color! Flying Rainbow Lotus  – Striking double Red Lotus Gold with Pink Family #3  Lotus – Delightful bowl lotus with large flower Hong Walian – Double Light Pink with Red Edge  Lotus Lovebird Lotus – Bold Versicolor Lotus white matures to all creamy white Magnificent Lotus – Single Red which is bright red Momo Boton Minima LotusHeavy Blooming Double Pink Olympic Lotus – Creamy White with pink tips – Sold out Oriole Lotus – Creamy Yellow with hint of Green Peach Lotus – Large Double Versicolor Flower Pink Thousand Petal – Double/Multipetal Pink Pink Tree Peony Lotus – Blend of shades of pink in a double flower Pretty Woman Lotus – Bold, Brilliant Red with many petals, creamy yellow at base Prosperous Red Lotus – Light Red , multipetal flower Puzhehei Red Lotus –  Solid Red Double Lotus Raining in the Sun Lotus: Single Petal, lite red to medium pink Red Lady Lotus – Bud is deep red, color lightens with age Red Lantern Lotus – Profuse bloomer of double Red flowers Red Rosy – Multi-petal are half red , half creamy yellow Sleeping Beauty in Red Lotus – Single Petal, versicolor lotus Stunning Lotus –   Wonderful Double Petal Bowl Lotus Stunning #8 Lotus – Perfect Single Petal Red Bowl Lotus Super Excellent Lotus – Breathtaking Double Red Lotus  

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