Pure and Clean Lotus- One of Pure white bowl lotus


Pure and Clean lotus features a pure white, double petal flower. Pure and Clean is suitable for a small pot or bowl. The leaves are concave inward and slightly rugger or wrinkled. It is one of our bowl lotus, it will fit on our small plastic or porcelain pot.

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Nelumbo Pure and Clean
Nelumbo Bingxin Yujie     冰心玉潔
Color: White
Flower Size: Medium-Small
Leaf Height: 7.87 to 14 inches (10-17 cm)
Flower Type: Double Petal 73 – 92 petals
Flower Diameter: 2.36 to 3.15 inches (6-8 cm)
Flower Height: 7.87 to 9.84 inches (20-25 CM)
Flowering Period: Early in June
Hybridizer:  Bred in Technology School of Jingzhou, Hubei in 1994
Maternal Parent:  Huanglianhua X Yuloutai


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