Porcelain Lamp Lotus with Red Chinese Carp


Porcelain Lamp Lotus with Chinese Carp is covered in white lotus flowers and green lotus leaves. The painting also contains four Chinese carp which symbolize abundance or wealth; a blessing that you will have good fortune.

The lamps are made from finest clay from the hillsides near Jingdezhen. The mixture must be just right to allow the creation of a thin “film” of porcelain within the mold. This mixture must be perfect to allow the light to shine through. These lamps are fragile but gorgeous additions to any decor.

Review our videos, in the video section, on how these beautiful lamps are made.

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Porcelain Lamp Lotus with Red Chinese Carp #21

Material: Jingdezhen Porcelain

Colors Used: Red, Green, Brown & White


  • Lamp Globe: 11 inches x 6 inches in diameter
  • Black Lacquer Stand:  18 inches high

Chinese Characters: 

Lamps are hand created so slight variations may occur.

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Weight 5 lbs