Nepenthes x ventrata


Nepenthes x ventrata is a wonderful starter Nepenthes for any plant grower. This variety is a vigorous grower and ready produces pitchers with ease. It’s unique shape and red coloration adds to its character. Nepenthes x ventrata is a naturally occurring hybrid between Nepenthes ventricosa and Nepenthes alata.

Note: this Nepenthes is sold as Nepenthes alata by the grower/producer. However is appears to more closely resemble the Nepenthes ventrata, the hybrid.

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Nepenthes x ventrata

Climate: Highland

Tropical Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes sp.) Care

  • Best to use only pure water – rainwater, distilled water or RO water. Be careful of bottled water as some contain salt which will kill your Tropical Pitcher plant
  • Keep a small amount of pure water in each trap. Mist plants regularly.
  • Keep soil moist; but well drained at all times. Do Not let your Nepenthes sit in water
  • Nepenthes like partial sunny location. They grow well on windowsills or under fluorescent lights in a terrarium.
  • Soil is mixture 3 parts long fiber sphagnum with 1 part pearlite or 1 part fine orchid bark.
  • Fertilize Nepenthes with foliar fertilizer. ¼ tsp of Maxsea per gallon of water, 2 times a month
  • Nepenthes like to grow warm: above 50 degrees. Ideal is 65 to 80 degrees with high humidity.

Note: Pitchers will change in color and shape as they mature