Heliamphora nutans BE 3249


Heliamphora nutans BE 3249 was discovered in 1839;  this was the first species of Heliamphora to be described. An ideal beginners’ species, it tolerates a wide range of temperatures compared to most other Heliamphora. All Heliamphora require high light levels and this species is no exception.

It’s best to grow these under supplemental LED lighting to achieve maximum color and growth. Humidity is important and these are slowing growing plants. Leaves can grow to 8 inches high.

Plants are potted in 4 inch pots with long fiber sphagnum moss and perlite.

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Heliamphora nutans Be 3249

Climate: Highland

Sun or Marsh Pitcher Plant (Heliamphora), Care:

  • Requires high light levels, plant LED lights work well for us
  • Best to use only pure water – rainwater, distilled water or RO water.
  • Substrate should be kept moist, but it must drain well
  • Potting substrate can be long fiber sphagnum moss with perlite and pumice.
  • Misting with pure water is important,  to keep the humidity high
  • We fertilizer monthly with 1/4 teaspoon  of MaxSea fertilizer per gallon of pure water ,on the leaves and in the pitchers
  • Note: juvenile leaves are much different in appearance than adult leaves