Aeridovanda Photisan


Aeridovanda Photisan is a primary hybrid between Aerides houlletiana × Vanda denisoniana. It was created by by Siriphab in 1971. Aeridovanda Photisan has a strong citrus/lemon fragrance. It can bloom more than once a year, flowers last about 4weeks.

We are offering blooming size plants in 3 inch baskets. And the plant is XL now !

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Aeridovanda Photisan

Type: Epiphyte orchid

Flower Color: Yellow to yellow/green

Fragrant: Yes

Grow: Wooden baskets are best. A few pieces of tree fern may help

Temperature range: Warm, 65 F and higher

Light level: Medium to high light

Water: Water roots thoroughly so they turn green and water drips from root tip.

Comments: this is one of our favorite Vanda hybrids at the nursery; its lemon fragrance is delightful.