109-R-1 2010 Guangzhou China

The final stop on my intro to China was the famed city of Guangzhou or “Canton”. Professor Huang provided a ticket, on the new high speed train, from Wuhan to Guangzhou. The train provided a wonderful view of the Chinese country side and proved to be a superb mode of transportation. Once I arrived in Guangzhou, I was met by Dr. Daike Tian, the new IWGS Nelumbo Registrar. Dr. Tian would take to his “work’ at the time, the South China Botanical Garden, then to Sanshui Lotus World and a tour of the Guangzhou landscape market plus small pet market. Guangzhou proved to be a superb ending to my outstanding first trip to China!

South China Botanical Garden & Academy of Science

Sanshui Lotus World:

Largest ecological lotus themed park in the world. The gardens cover over 198 acres. Sanshui showcases over 300 varieties of Chinese lotus from the Ancient lotus to the Space lotus.

The markets in Guangzhou: During my first trip to Guangzhou, I had no idea there was someone very special there … waiting for me. Check out:  Part 1 Chinese Waterlily World Part 2  2010 Wuhan China

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