Tropical (Annual) Waterlilies – Autumn Shades, Blue, Blue/Green, Pink

N. ‘Blue Bayou’

Tropical waterlilies are the ‘WOW” of most ponds. They hold their flowers high above the water, produce a tremendous number of flowers, and are often highly fragrant. Most have large leaves that are  mottled and very attractive. It is not uncommon for our tropical waterlilies to be blooming until the end of October. Give them room, feed them well and watch the show!


Here are a few examples of tropical waterlilies you will find at Bergen Water Gardens:

Autumn Shades:

 N. ‘Coral Sky’: Beautiful coral pink flowers which have nice autumn colors as well. This is a medium size plant with mottled leaves. Good Bloomer.

  N. ‘Tropic Sunset’: Star shaped flower with autumn and pink tones. Leaves are mottled and can be viviparous. A medium to large plant.


 N. ‘August Koch’: Rich blue, free flowering waterlily which is cup shaped. The pads are green and viviparous. Pleasant fragrance. Hybrid from 1922 from Koch and Pring

N. ‘Avalanche’: Light blue flower with white petaloids. This is a large growing waterlily with green pads with maroon mottling. Hybridized by Craig Presnell in 2003

 N. ‘Blue Aster’: Striking vivid blue flower with bright yellow center. Leaves have very distinct and clear mottling. A medium to large size plant.

N. “Blue Beauty’: Star-like, sky blue flowers set over green leaves. A profuse bloomer with a sweet fragrance. An old hybrid of 2 species but still a winner! A medium to large plant.

N. capensis ‘Blue‘: A species from Africa, this waterlily has rich, blue flowers. It features large, “leathery” textured, green leaves. A profuse bloomer with a very sweet fragrance.  Medium to large plant.

N. ‘Blue Spider’: Medium size blue waterlily but its pads are unique. The pads have a spider web appearance with red streaks on a green pad. This was released in 1995 by Florida Aquatic Nurseries.

N. colorata: Small blue waterlily which blooms exceptionally well. The pads are green with wavy edges. This is ideal for a container garden or small pond. Colorata also bloom well in cooler temperatures and late into the season in Western New York. This is a species from Africa.

N. ‘Star of Siam’: Flowers have violet-blue petals with white stamens tipped with violet. The spectacular foliage is maroon and green heavily mottled leaves. A medium to large plant.Blooms exceptionally well; this is our top selling waterlily!

N. ‘Star of Zanzibar’: Wonderful blue flowers over richly speckled leaves. An excellent bloomer. A medium size plant. Top Seller!

N. ‘Wood’s Blue Goddess’: Sky blue flowers with purple stamens. Excellent bloomer. Pads are green and heavily serrated. This waterlily was created in 1989 by Jack Wood.


N. ‘Green Smoke’: Petals are chartreuse to light smoky blue. Pads are green and bronze speckled with a wavy margin.

N. ‘Moonbeam’: Flowers with petals of yellowish green turning blue towards outer edges. Flowers stand high above rich green foliage. A medium size plant.

N. ‘Southern Charm’: N. ‘Southern Charm’ is unique because of it’s unusual flower color. The blue fused with yellow created a color that is not represented in waterlilies. The beautifully mottled pads and the vigor this plant shows makes it a truly unique lily.


N. ‘Evelyn Randig’: Deep raspberry pink flowers which are cupped shaped. Dark mottled leaves which spread 5 to 7 feet. Ideal for medium to large ponds. Randig 1931.

N. ‘Kathy McLane’: Rosy red flower that averages 48 petals. Mottled leaf is composed of dark streaks of maroon on a green pad. The plant is named for Kathy McLane, Bruce McLane’s wife in 2003 from Florida Aquatic Nurseries.

N. ‘Queen of Siam’: Deep pink blossoms and highly mottled foliage. It is viviparous. It is a medium to large lily.Free flowering, our best selling pink!

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