Stunning Thai Orchids

Bergen Water Gardens is excited to import a few varieties of Stunning Thai Orchids. The Thai Orchids were propagated and cultivated in Thailand but are found in a number of areas of Southeast Asia and a few originally from South America . This selection of orchids features many which are delightfully fragrant. These beautiful orchids are acclimating to our Nepenthes greenhouse now – October 2017 and will be offered for sale on our website in the near future.


Aerides lawrenceae

Rhynchostylis retusa Spot

Vanda denisoniana

Orchid Hybrids:

Oncidium Sweet Sugar


Aerides lawrenceae x Vasco. Pine River, Pink

Rhtrds. Norma: Aerides Bangkok x Rhy. gigantea Red

Rhynch Bangkok Sunset

Rhv. Sri Siam x Rhy. gigantea Red BS

Vasco. Baby Blue x Rhy. coelestis, Blue

Vasco. Sashicha Blue

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