Prepare Your Pond For Winter

Prepare Your Pond For Winter

At Bergen Water Gardens we offer everything you need to prepare your pond for New York’s coldest winters:

Microbe Lift’s Winter Prep – Bacteria and Enzymes selected to work in cold water. They will assist with the breakdown of leaves and sludge down to 40F

Netting: A complete selection of netting is available from  7′ x 10′ to 20′ x 30 feet

Pond Heaters – Choose from models that range from 315 to 500 watts

Air Pumps – Air is common way to maintain a hole in the ice

Water Pumps – Water pumps from 200 to 300 gph are commonly used to keep a hole in the ice.

Nets – A good selection of skimming nets are available for removal of leaves and other debris from your pond

Cold water Pond Food- Fish food which is made up of wheat germ is used when the water temperatures are  50 to 60 degrees F.. We do NOT recommend feeding your fish below 50 F.