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Simple Koi Treats

For koi keepers, hand feeding their koi is one of the most enjoyable experiences of pond keeping. Simple koi treats are hard to find as many manufacturers have abandoned making them. Repashy Super Foods are easy to make and fun … More

March 2017 Lotus and More

March 2017 has proven to be one of the most challenging months in Rochester, New York area and at Bergen Water Gardens. As a result, our lotus tuber shipping has been delayed by 1 week. March 8 – 9, Historic … More

How to Pot Lotus Tubers

How to pot lotus tubers: Potting lotus tubers is easy. Selection of the correct pot, planting media, planting location and fertilizer are all important to grow your lotus tuber successfully. Key Points on how to pot lotus tubers: Use correct … More

Bergen Water Gardens from the Air

Since the year 2000, Bergen Water Gardens has experienced steady grow. Starting in 2016, our expansion has increased in pace and  scope. To document these changes and to provide a unique perspective of our gardens and our exploding Chinese Lotus … More

American Conifer Society National Meeting

American Conifer Society National Meeting

We at Bergen Water Gardens are proud to promote, support and contribute to the 2017 American Conifer Society National Meeting in East Syracuse, New York. The ACS National meeting will be held August 17 to 19, 2017. The meeting will … More


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