Lotus Paradise

Bergen Water Gardens  grows the largest collection of Chinese lotus in North America. We are proud of our magnificent lotus paradise. Overall the past several years, we have researched and sought out the best Chinese Lotus from China. In 2017 we will grow over 150 varieties of lotus, including 35 cultivars of bowl lotus.

Throughout 2017 we will expand our display lotus ponds. Our growing area will feature over 900 pots of lotus to examine and photograph. We invite you to visit Bergen Water Gardens during the summer of 2017 and experience our lotus paradise.

Lotus tubers may be ordered here from December 2016 until May 2017 or as supplies last. Learn how to pot lotus tubers

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Our 2017 Lotus Paradise:

18 Little Red                   Ai Jiangnan                   Ancient China                  Apricot’s Pink                  Apricot Yellow               Autumn in Moling

Big Red Robe               Big Versicolor Red               Blooming               Bright Sky Lotus             Buddha Seat Lotus 13          Butterfly’s Love

Charming Lips Lotus       CR Beijing Lotus          CR Jiaxing Lotus              CR Jingangshan              CR Ruijin               CR Shaoshan

CR Shanghai lotus           CR Xibeipo lotus            CR Yan’an lotus           CR Zunyi lotus             Chong shui Hua    White Chrysanthermum lotus

Chu Chu Lotus               Chu Lady Lotus            Colorful Jade Lotus      Cool Beauty Lotus      Red Crab Claws Lotus     Dancing Sword Lotus

Deepest Love in 5 Miles   Dream of 6th Dynasty      Drunk Cloud           Drunken Dancing         Drunken Jade Town    Dwarf Red Lovesick Bean 

East Lake Pink Lotus     Elegant Woman Lotus           Emilia Lotus            Excellent 13 Lotus       Fair Dawn Lotus       Fairy of Da He Lotus

Fairy Releasing Flower    Feather of Phoenix     Flying in the Autumn      Flying Rainbow Lotus        Gardenia Lotus          Gold Apple Lotus

Golden Autumn Lotus    Golden Monkey Lotus    Golden Sun Lotus      Graceful Guanyin Lotus        Green Clouds      Gulang Little Red Lotus

Hands of Goddess of Mercy    Handsome Hero      Handsome Hero 13       Heart Blood Lotus          Hope Lotus                Huge Pink Lotus

Icing on the Cake   Imperial Concubine Out of Bath   Jade Cloud 13     Jade Cup Bud Lotus       Jade Girl of Chuxiang      Jade Cloud Lotus

Jade Girl of Fujian Lotus    Jade in Jinling Lotus   Joyful Smiling Lotus     June Snow Lotus           Junyu Lotus                Red Kapok Lotus

Lanceolate Pink Lotus   Large Beauty Lotus   Little Dancing Empress    Little Oriole Lotus       Little Princess Lotus     Little Red Duplicate Lotus

Little Red Peach Lotus   Little Spirits Lotus      Look Back Three Times       Lovebird Lotus           Magnificent Lotus             Maid Lotus

Mandarin Duck Brocade    Midnight Lotus   Mrs. Perry D.Slocum Lotus  National Red Lotus   New Beginning Lotus   New Colorful Brocade Lotus

New Deepest Love       New Lanceolate Red     New Orange of Loquat       New Polaris                   New Red              New Song of Fenghe

Oriole Lotus                Overlord’s Gown Lotus           Peach Lotus           Perfect White Lotus         Peak of Pink Lotus     Pink Make-up No.1 Lotus

Pink Thousand Petal         Pink Tree Peony            Pretty Girl Lotus           Pretty Woman Lotus      Prosperous Red Lotus     Pure and Clean Lotus

Purple Fairy No.2 Lotus   Purple Fairy No.6 Lotus   Puzhehei Red Lotus  Rain Spatter Lotus   Raining in the Sun Lotus      Raining Love Lotus

Red Bowl 14 Lotus       Red Commander Lotus    Red Crab Claws Lotus   Red Exquisite Lotus      Red Lady Lotus      Red Lantern Lotus

Red Peony Lotus             Red River Lotus          Red Silk A Lotus          Red Tree Peony Lotus       Resplendent Lotus        Rich Harvest Lotus

Sleeping Beauty in Red   Snow-white Fragrant Sea    Space 36 Lotus      Sparks Lotus          Spirit of Phoenix Lotus     Spring Peach Lotus

Storm 13 Lotus            Sunset Clouds Lotus          Super Lotus             Super Excellent Lotus     Super Excellent 13 Lotus    Small Versicolor Red

The Song of Moon    Three Hundreds Petaled Red    Versicolor Edged  Walking in the Snow   White Chrysanthemum   Xixiang Wait for the Moon

Yan Er Mei Lotus        Yellow Silk Tree Lotus      Yimeng Red Lotus           Yixian Lotus                 Zhongshanhongtai       Zhufeng Cuiying Lotus

Peach Blossom Fan      Colorful Glow Lotus       Master Lotus     Colorful Butterfly 13  Drunken Dancing under Sunshine  Morning Cloud

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15 thoughts on “Lotus Paradise

  1. Wow, I never knew so many lotus colours were out there. I live in Australia and not sure if we can buy seed. But I’d surely love to be able too. Amazing and so beautiful

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    • Linda, Lotus are sun plants and need at least 6 hours of full sun to grow well and bloom. Unfortunately we do not have any observations yet from people succeeding with “X” variety in low light as almost all of our varieties are new to the USA market and USA growing conditions. Cold hardiness is not a problem as long as the tuber does not freeze solid…either dropping it to the bottom of the pond for winter or inside in a cold basement. I can not honestly say try this variety in low light and it will flower.. we just do not know yet! Perhaps grow the lotus in a pot in sunnier location?

  3. This summer, do you sell the lotus in the pot? I lived in Philadelphia, but i will drive to NY to buy it. I love your lotus alot. If i buy the tuber, i dont know how to grow them. Thank you very much.

    • We do sell lotus plants at Bergen Water Gardens. You are welcome to visit our store, please check the hours posted on the website. Lotus plants will not be available until until mid May. If you see a certain variety you like, please let us know as it could be in limited supply.

  4. Can you tell me if you have a good selection of potted Lotus plants now? I definitely want a pretty pink one. I love Magnificent, Super Excellent, purple fairy no. 2.

    • We have over 100 lotus potted but with the recent cold weather and rain they are growing very slowly. Hopefully they will pick up by the end of May. We will have to check our inventory at the store to see if these varieties are available. Thank you

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  6. I have just checked out your website and want to order some of Lotus tubers. However, many kind of them were marked “out of stock”. Which one do you have right now?

    I live in North of California. How much do you charge for the shipping?


    • the 2017 season ended in early June. Lotus tubers will not ship again until next mid March through the end of May 2018. The 2018 selection of lotus tubers should be available by mid November on the website for pre-order. Shipping in 2018 will be included in the cost of the tuber, that is our current plan.

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