How to Pot Lotus Tubers

How to pot lotus tubers:

Potting lotus tubers is easy. Selection of the correct pot, planting media, planting location and fertilizer are all important to grow your lotus tuber successfully.

Key Points on how to pot lotus tubers:

  • Use correct size pot with no holes
  • Select potting media or soil
  • Do not damage the lead growth tip of the lotus tuber
  • Add water to planting media/soil
  • Gently place tuber on top of soil, cut end at side of pot
  • Cover with small amount of soil
  • Top off with water to top of growing tip
  • Place in full sun
  • Fertilize once first standing leaf grows
  • Watch our video below:

Live Lotus Tubers: Always be careful of growing tip on a lotus tuber, if it’s broken the lotus will likely perish.

  • Pot Size: At Bergen Water Gardens we use a standard 10 plastic pot, without hole for most Bowl lotus. Most of our lotus we use 15″ plastic pot from Laguna (5 gallon). For larger lotus or to grow the lotus larger we use the Laguna 19 ” pot (9 gallon) Check back in April for more exciting pot options!
  • Potting Media: At Bergen Water Gardens we use heavy top soil. Do NOT use a potting mix, with peat or pearlite, as they will float out. There are also several good clay based potting medias to use if you do not have soil. Lastly, in 2017 there is a new mix with Landon’s fertilizer already mixed in – we will trial this mix in 2017.
  • Fertilizer: Place the potted lotus in full sun. several leaves which lay on the water will appear in about 2 weeks. Soon after the first vertical leaf or aerial leaf will appear. Now it’s time to fertilize. At Bergen Water Garden’s we use Pondtabbs Plus Humates as our primary fertilizer. We use 2 tablets in a 15 inch pot every 14 days. Landon’s can also be used in the soil mix but place a layer of plain soil between the lotus tuber, to avoid burning the new lotus root hairs. After a month start fertilizing with Pondtabbs.

Examples of pot grown lotus at Bergen Water Gardens

Red Bowl 14 Lotus                                                      Big Versicolor Lotus                                                   Sleeping Beauty in Red

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8 thoughts on “How to Pot Lotus Tubers

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  2. Curious, will lotus grow in a shallow pond 24″ deep, with a floating solar pump on top? How do we keep mosquitoes away from the water?

    • Connie, Certainly you can grow lotus in a pot and place in a pond which is only 24 inches deep. Ideally 6 inches of water above the pot or soil line works well. I am not sure you want to plant directly into the pond. Mosquitoes are discouraged by moving water. Fish like comet goldfish (sarasa and shubunkin types), orfe and mosquito fish will all eat mosquito larvae. Lastly there are dried bacteria products called mosquito dunks which kill the larvae.

  3. can I be successful to plant lotus directly into a large pond, which have fish and sometimes muskrat ? Thanks Bob Scott

    • Bob, Please do not plant lotus directly into a natural pond, keep them in pots. In a natural pond they can quickly spread if the conditions are right. Muskrats can eat lotus tubers and more importantly the growing tips of lotus resulting in the death of the plant.

    • Gina, Most varieties are hardy but need to be sunk in deeper water….at least 3 feet in a pond. Some customers pull the pot into a heated garage or basement that stays in the forties. The pot can not freeze solid. Lotus themselves are found throughout region of Siberia but they have the water on top of them to protect their tubers.

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